TMA Guaranteed Ride Home

TMA Guaranteed Ride Home

TMA Guaranteed Ride Home is designed to help commuters who are worried about how they will get home when an emergency arises. Knowing there’s a guaranteed ride home allows participants to use RTA/WEGO Train, RTA WEGO commute express, Bus and VanStar vanpools with peace of mind and confidence.

TMA Guaranteed Ride Home ensures participants six FREE RIDES per year for unexpected emergencies such as an illness or a sick child.  Participants are provided a voucher for a taxi that covers the cost of the ride.

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TMA Guaranteed Ride Home Serves Vanpool, Bus and Train Commuters


Reasons for Using TMA Guaranteed Ride Home

Concept Burnout Syndrome. Business Woman feels uncomfortable working. Which is caused by stress, accumulated from unsuccessful work And less resting body. Consult a specialist psychiatrist

Commuter becomes ill during the work day

Close Up Of Senior Man With Hands On Walking Frame Being Helped By Care Worker

Family member becomes ill during the work day

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“I was worried about getting stuck at work, but TMA Guaranteed Ride Home provides a taxi voucher so if something comes up, I can always get home.”

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